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A Decidedly New Low

Recap: Blogger makes transphobic comment, “The tranny-fantastic look is all the rage this coming season.” Upon being called out for their transphobia, Blogger claims the “But I dated a drag queen!” defense. One fauxpology later, Blogger says:

“I HAVE recognised that some things I have said and made reference too may be ‘problematic.’ I find it problematic when I don’t have enough cash in my wallet to pay for my clothes when I’m standing at the till and then have the hassle of having to go to the ATM machine. Life’s full of problems. That doesn’t mean i’m out on a witch-hunt.That’s how life works.”

Shorter FashionCreep: “Why, if you oversensitive fuckers would just get over yourselves, we wouldn’t have this problem!”

(Addendum, ala Sadly, No!: ‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. I am aware of all Internet traditions.™)

Why I Don’t Care That You’re Not an Asshole

Different Project, Same Feeling. Image from Kim Funk's Tumblr.

Before proceeding, a brief recap: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour opened his mouth and said Historical Lies because he’s an Oblivious White Dude. Cue public tongue-lashing.

There’s this funny thing about being a white person from the South: history matters. In buildings, in words, in names. The past matters because it is the tool by which (a hypothetical) you will define yourself as someone “better.” You are not one of “those people” – who wear hoods, who say the “n word” with violence, who lynched black men and women because they could.

Even as you argue that the black population wouldn’t make up the lion’s share of those seeking abortions “if only they’d stop having children” (as if they were automatons, unable to stop themselves from procreating), at least you’re not one of those people.

(The woman making that argument, by the way? Catholic.)

Because you are not one of “those people,” you are exempt from responsibility for your casual racism, your historical amnesia. Because we all know that there is no Truth in history, right? The Civil War becomes given a different perspective the War of Northern Aggression or That Recent Unpleasantness. Continue reading